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Renewing What We Do
... Reclaiming Who We Are

Our programs offer a space where participants can slow down and remember who they are—and reflect on taking their inner work into the outer world. The work of still learning, inc. is about reconnecting soul and role, in our roles as parents, teachers, leaders, and citizens.

... and We Are Still Learning

For nearly two decades  we have been offering our programs and services to many supportive participants from a variety of locations all around the country.

We have presented programs, workshops, classes about Renewing What We Do, Reclaiming Who We Are through life long learning in the World of Work, The World of Family, and The World of Community Leadership

Remembering what matters and studying the practices of Noticing, Naming, & Nurturing, our programs offer a space where participants can slow down and remember who they are, and reflect on taking their Inner Work into the Outer World

Grow old along with me… The best is yet to be!

That’s what we are saying these days as we explore our later-life years – and move from facilitating Circle of Trust® retreats and parenting education classes, into being even more intentional with creating time and space.

We are now focusing on the writing of our experiences and sharing them with those who may be on the same life journey.

Sally’s journey is well underway with with her book: The  ElderGarten: A Field Guide for the Journey of a Lifetime

Dr. Sally Z. Hare

Distinguished professor emerita and founding director of the Center for Education and Community at Coastal Carolina University, Sally is President of still learning, inc, a parent, and teacher. 

Sally Z. Hare
Dr. Sally Z. Hare

Jim R. Rogers, M. Ed. CFLE

Nationally Certified Parenting and Family Life Educator and Vice President/Treasurer of still learning, inc.

Jim R. Rogers, M. Ed.
Jim R. Rogers, M. Ed.



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