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Sally is pleased to have worked with Susan Glisson and the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation at the University of Mississippi

Dr. Sally Z. Hare, president of still learning, inc., recently worked with the Winter Institute as they created “The Welcome Table”, an important program to create a safe space for diverse community stakeholders to form healthy relationsh via open, honest communication. Now in 11 communities and Mississipi and beyond, it is one of the Winter Institute's signature programs, garnering international attention and partnerships from recon-ciliation organizations as far away as Northern Ireland and South Africa. To learn more, go to: community-relations/ the-welcome-table/

From the Sea View Retreat featuring Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green and group


What Participants are Saying...
GroupPic_Pawleys Island Retreat

The Circle of Trust Retreat on Pawleys Island  was incredible for me.  It stirred my pot of self-realization.  I feel I grew during that time like no other time in my life.  Or maybe it just brought everything together and began making sense of it all.  This should be an annual spiritual renewal for me.   Please keep me in mind when you schedule other  retreats.   
                                                                 — Mary Downs, Minneapolis

Never have I had my soul show up like that before, an amazing experience. What a gift...
                                                                   — Business Executive from California

Your work . . . truly welcomes the soul “home”…Participating in the Still Learning (retreat)  offered me, yet again, the chance to feel I am part of a larger spiritual community of caring individuals. 
                                                      — ESOL Professor from New Brunswick, Canada

Facilitators Play

I am so grateful to you and Jeff for creating a safe, joyful , abundant space in our Circle of Trust at the Sea View.  It was quite extraordinary and magical.  Part of your signature touch seems to be transformative magic.  You are awesome in the original, mystic sense of the word.
— Linguistics Professor from South Carolina

Thank you for extending the invitation for me to find my true self. Words are not enough to express how I have begun to heal in a completely different way. I’ve had the opportunity to open up in a safe environment that has saved my life and has encouraged me to continue on my journey teaching until my new door way opens.
                                                                    — Teacher Leader from South Carolina

The work that you do is so very important.  It is at those odd moments in life when I think about our Courage to Lead group and all that I learned from them and from the time I spent alone together (yes, that paradox) when I “lived the questions” in San Francisco, that I am most thankful… 
                                                      — Education administrator from South Carolina

Facilitators PlayUsually, after an experience like that workshop, I go back to work and routine, and the workshop experience becomes sort of an isolated gem that I can take out and look at whenever I want to or find it useful.  This time, I came back to this surgery and 6 weeks off work — and nothing routine.  So the workshop experience continues to work on me.  The curiosity and wonder, the questioning and the open-endedness, have stayed with me in a different way than ever before.  I have been able to keep with me a sense of stillness, and it makes an incredible difference in my recuperation experience — actually, in my life… I am fascinated by the stillness that permeated our gatherings with your leadership.  The quietness took hold of me in a decisive way, and I continue to discover ways that quietness has changed me.
                                                                                               — Counselor, Wisconsin

The retreat last week was so very wonderful.  You helped me better wed my soul and role together.  I was so very impressed with the flow and rhythm of the retreat and how it gave clarity to spiritual process. And I am  wise enough to know that only good leaders can make good process.  So, thanks so very much for helping me continue the journey.  I surely hope to be in another of the retreats you lead.
                                                                                                 — Minister, Maryland

My entire being feels renewed.   New hope, anchored in what I learned from our sojourn together, heightens my expectation to live, love, and share with greater awareness and interconnectedness with self and others… The amazing retreat was a spiritual journey with the added gift of being close to the eternal ocean as the metaphor of the ever changing dimensions of life.  We shared the holy ground of listening and writing as equal partners in a sacred trust of openness and acceptance.  Thank you.  I am so glad that I was in Myrtle Beach to receive such a great blessing. 
                                                                   — Retired Health Professional, New York

Co-Faciliators Elaine and Sally Plan the DayI want to thank you for your magnificent work on story catching.  I have found your work quite transforming in my thinking about research and you have really done what I knew you would do which is to bring your holistic, practitioner centered sensibilities to the subject of research.   My journal is a treasure that is pushing my thinking and giving me all sorts of ideas… I am so grateful.
       — International Consultant, Oregon

I shared my enthusiasm with my art colleagues because the work you and Veta created for us to do made the world new for me.  The validation and the gratitude shared in the Circle of Trust are with me now.
                                                                                                     — Art Teacher, Georgia

It was indeed the right decision to come to this retreat this week! The renewal was as extraordinary as the first retreat several years thank you! I hope our paths continue to bring us together…
                                                                                         — College Professor, Georgia

Girl Reading Statuee_Brookgreen GardensThis (Courage to Teach work) could do more to stop the hemorrhaging of teachers out of the profession than about anything else they (the SC State Department of Education) could invest in.
   — School superintendent, South Carolina

This experience has filled a very deep need within me to have a safe place for quiet, non-rushed, deep reflection… There is so little silence and time for reflection around me that I almost forgot how important that is. Now I seek opportunities to provide this not only for myself but also for others. What impressed me so much is that everything about the retreat is invitational. Everyone is respected for what they do or don't contribute. Everyone is allowed to take from the experience whatever suits them. There is no fixing, no advice.
                                                                                        — Grief counselor, California

Still Learning Book Logo_Stylized“I honestly did not know what to expect from the retreat but I can tell you that it was a transformational experience for me.  It helped put me back in touch with the most important things in my life.  I can tell you that I am finding real joy in my work (and life in general) for the first time in a long time… and I attribute that directly to the reflection I was able to do.  So, will this retreat help women find more joy in their lives?  Absolutely, resoundingly yes!!”
              — South Carolina higher education professor who is a first time participant, and registered for two more.

Statue and QuoteWhat does circle (of trust-of leadership mean to me? The experiences are transformational.  The space provided for me to allow my inner teacher, my higher self, the true leader within me to show up is evidenced at every circle.  It is there, in solitude and community that I discover, affirm, and celebrate my humanity and sense of belonging to this world.  It is there that I challenge myself to be myself.  It is there that my passion is refueled and that my belief that I can make a difference is intensified.”  

— ESOL Kindergarten teacher
from Atlanta

You would be interested to know that our District’s Asst Supt for Instruction, gave a copy of a book of poetry to our principals and me a couple of weeks ago called “Teaching with Fire: Poetry that Sustains the Courage to Teach.”  I started looking through it this weekend and was extremely pleased to find poems by Marge Piercy, Rilke, Mary Oliver, and even Rumi included.  I planned an email to you.  Then I found where you had submitted one and written the introduction of it, then I found Debbie Dewitt, Angela Peery, and Parker Palmer.  Thought I was having a Courage Reunion! 
                       — District Superintendent and early Courage to Teach participant.

Facilitators PlayOne thing I've come to know over the years from being a part of your retreats is the enduring effects of exploring deeply within ourselves. The memories stay with you and work on you, sometimes in ways that we're not even aware of!

— Associate Dean of Education at a state university and Professor of Health, Physical Education and Sport Science




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