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Our programs offer a space where participants can slow down and remember who they are—and reflect on taking their inner work into the outer world.
The work of still learning, inc. is about reconnecting soul and role,
in our roles as parents, teachers, leaders, and citizens.

“Out beyond
and right-doing,
there is a field… 
I’ll meet you there.” 


Rumi Quote

One of still learning, inc.’s recent programs is the Courage to Teach TeacherLeaders Fellowship, a pilot of the national Courage in Schools movement.  The Fellowship offers the opportunity to put into practice the mission of the Center for Courage & Renewal (CCR): to nurture personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it. Participants in the fellowship are supported by their Circle of Trust® as they take the Beauty they love into the outer world, as they travel on the Mobius journey of moving from teacher to teacher-leader to the seamless one-word idea of teacherleader. The 2012-2013  pilot is generously funded by an anonymous donor to reflect her belief that the future of education lives in the hearts of teachers who have the courage to speak their Truths and impact the whole.

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still learning, inc. offers a unique kind of
professional development focusing on each person’s
own identity and integrity.
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still learning, inc. also Puts Parents and Children First through Family Enrichment Programs.  Parenting education and family management skills are offered in private conference, workshop and seminar settings.

The ParentsCare curriculum deepens and broadens knowledge and resources in parenting and family management education.  It invites parents and caregivers to participate in the processes of building and maintaining the best possible relationships with children. 

Education is the core; education for affirming, healing, prevention, empowerment and developing the adults who are developing young children who feel good about who they are and about the environment in which they live.

The Circle of Trust retreats, grounded in Parker J. Palmer’s A Hidden Wholeness, offer participants support and insight in the journey toward an undivided life.  The programs are usually cross-professional and welcoming to persons at different places on the inner journey.

We also design retreats or programs for your group or organization to meet your particular needs such as these:

  • Courageous Schools: Teaching & Leading in Tough Times: A one-day workshop introducing educators to approaches for personal and professional renewal and to practical applications that bring reflection and mindfulness into classrooms and support the building of relational trust in the adult school community.
  • Leading Together: Building Adult Community in Schools: Courage in Schools Leadership Team is a yearlong professional development experience designed to build school leadership teams' capacity to facilitate the strengthening of the adult community in their institutions.
  • Courage to Teach ®: Courage to Teach is a program of stand-alone retreats or quarterly series for the personal and professional renewal of educators. Courage to Teach focuses on renewing the inner lives of professionals in education.  
  • Courage to Lead ®: Courage to Lead supports school leaders (principals, deans, department heads, teacher leaders, etc.) in sustaining and renewing their passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to school leadership and to the communities they serve.