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Jim Rogers to Present at the 8th Annual Blue Ridge Bookfest

Jim has been invited to be one of the presenters at the 8th Annual Blue Ridge Bookfest, being held at the Blue Ridge Community College campus In Flat Rock, NC, next door to Hendersonville.  The Theme of the Bookfest is “Mountain Life – Then And Now” and will feature many authors presenting in individual sessions. The individual author sessions are scheduled to run Friday, April 22, 2016 and Saturday, April 23, 2016. The Bookfest Friday keynote speaker is famous novelist Sara Gruen, author of Water for Elephants among several other popular books.
 The Bookfest is offering two workshops Friday afternoon, April 22. The workshops are of interest to existing and hope-to-be authors to hone their craft.  
 On Saturday, April 23, author presentations will take place throughout the day with the following authors reading from their various publications, novels, historical and poetry presentations:   Sheila Athens, Wilson Casey, Julia Franks, Gretchen Griffith, Katy Kelly, Joseph Mills, William L. Ramsey, Jim R. Rogers, Rona Simmons, Marci Spencer.
 More information about the presenting authors, including brief biographical information, is available on speakers’ page on the website at www.blueridge.edu/blueridgebookfest.

Jim will be reading from his two books of poetry, Starts and Stops Along the Way, and Looking Around.  His presentation is scheduled for 9AM on Saturday. 

In addition, there will be a very special After Lunch Presentation featuring:

  • Writings of Carl Sandburg – Presenter Ginger Hollingsworth, Education Coordinator at the Sandburg Home National Monument.
  • Writings of Thomas Wolfe – Presenter Tom Muir, of the Thomas Wolfe Memorial in Asheville, NC.

2016 Exhibitors
There is an amazing list of authors who have committed to exhibiting their works at the Bookfest. These authors will be available to the public for discussion and autographing their works in the Blue Ridge Conference Hall in the Technology Building at the Blue Ridge Community College on Saturday.  All book sales will be handled through a central purchasing area operated by Malaprop's Bookstore of Asheville.
All of the events are free and open to the public, except the reception for Ms. Gruen which is $25/pp.

The Kirkridge Courage Fellowship Program (KCFP)

The Kirkridge Courage Fellowship Program (KCFP)With a generous gift from an anonymous donor, still learning, inc., in collaboration with Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center, has selected 26 facilitators, who have completed the Center for Courage & Renewal Facilitator Preparation Program and are active members of the Courage Collaboration, for the KIRKRIDGE COURAGE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM (KCFP).   In the context of the Mobius journey, KCFP offers a way of being more awake, more intentional in embracing that we teach/facilitate who we are.  Often in the beginning of our work as facilitators, we try on, as May Sarton says, “other people’s faces,” as we model ourselves after the only facilitators we know:  those who have led Circle of Trust retreats we have attended, Parker and others who lead facilitator prep, our mentors. KCFP is an opportunity to go deeper in facilitators’ hearing their own inner wisdom and in welcoming all their gifts, as well as the shadows of each; an opportunity to strengthen and enhance the ground on which they stand, the place from which they do their work as facilitator. 

Twenty-six facilitators have committed to this pilot program, offered by Sally Z. Hare, president of still learning, inc., member of the Courage Collaboration, and Fellowship midwife. In creating this program, Sally has drawn on her roots in this work, as well as her three-year Kellogg National Fellowship and her lifetime of teaching and learning. She is facilitating the five retreats, calling upon all the facilitators in the Circle to share the leadership.  In this two-year program, we focus, as we did for teachers in the early days of The Courage to Teach, on that which is closest to us – the inner life of the facilitator.  In addition, each fellow has the opportunity to use her/his individual Plan for Still Learning (PSL) to be intentional about taking the work into the world.

For the second year, Jim has been invited to present his new book, “Looking Around” at the 10th annual Carolina’s Mountain Literary Festival.  The Festival is a three-day event in September, and you’re invited to attend. 

The theme is Our Earth…Our Time…Our Space…

Celebrate the stories of our shared earth.  Reflect on our pasts and wonder about the possibilities for our futures.  Looking Around addresses many of the same themes. 

Please visit cmlitfest.org www.cmlitfest.org for lots of details.

Jim has also been invited to present his poems at Bread for the Journey:
A Celebration of Poetry and the Human Spirit at the
Kirkridge Retreat Center September 30-October 3, 2015.

Bread for the Journey 2015 offers a four-day gathering to celebrate both poetry and the human spirit.  Our time together will encourage us to engage with poetry as a means of helping us better understand our lives and our world by inviting participants into a safe space where we can embrace poetry as a source of clarity and courage.  Other presenters include Michael Glaser, former Poet Laureate of the State of Maryland, acclaimed poet Naomi Shihab Nye.   At Kirkridge, we will meet in that place where mysteries and awe are given the attention and value they deserve.  These four days will serve as a reminder that poetry, by aligning us with the power of the imagination, empowers us toward a vision of a better world, and more specifically, delivers a direct experience of the beloved community. Through the use of such techniques as John Fox’s “Poetic Medicine” and Parker Palmer’s Courage and Renewal Circle of Trust, Bread for the Journey seeks to provide an experience with poetry that opens participants to being more compassionate, more generous and more present to themselves and others. For more details and to register, go to http://www.kirkridge.org/index.cfm?e=event&eventId=18507&rDate=9/30/2015

To Read Jim's CFLE Newsletter Article
on "Helping Our Children
Find Their Way"

Jim was a guest speaker and workshop presenter for the 59th annual conference of South Carolina Early Childhood Association.  He was a featured speaker for two days delivering on the topics of Helping Our Children Find Their Way, and Home is Where The Start Is.  Two workshops covered the subjects of Building Partnerships with Families and an interactive discussion about the newest challenges of child care in today’s complex world.  The conference theme was “A Kaleidoscope of Children”, the beautiful blend of relationships bringing together families and educators for the benefit of children.

Jim R. Rogers Presents at the 59th Annual SCECA Conference
Sally contributed to the essays.
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NEW BOOK: Let the Beauty We Love Be What We Do: Stories of Living Divided No More

still learning, inc.'s retreats offer people the opportunity to live undivided, to reclaim their gifts and to live lives of integrity. Now we have a new book that tells the stories of people who have done just that! offers the stories of 21 remarkably diverse individuals who share the desire to live into their birthright wholeless. These individuals made the decision to live divided no more—and that decision brought them to a still learning retreat. These Writers weren't all in the same retreat—or in the same location--
or even in the same year.

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Sally was awarded the Distinguished Teacher, Scholar, Lecturer Honor at CCU and presented her speech on the Intersection of Education and Community in 2001. 
Interview with Sally Z. Hare
“Her Life, Her Work, Her Vision…”

June Podcast
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Interview with Jim R. Rogers
“Parents As Partners
In Education”

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Distinguished Teacher
Sally co-wrote the
leaders guide, with
facilitator Caryl Hurtig.
A Hidden Wholeness book
Sally wrote a section on
Teachers in Service.

Sally wrote a chapter.

Wintering Into Wisdom 
Kennesaw Press "Wintering Into Wisdom"  
Wintering Into Wisdom: A Festschrift for
Dr. Betty Lentz Siegel

Edited By Elizabeth Giddens
About the Book
Wintering into Wisdom: A Festschrift for Dr. Betty Lentz Siegel honors the emeritus president of Kennesaw State University with a collection of essays for all leaders, and particularly for those who head educational institutions. The essays by novelist Ferrol Sams, Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson, former President of both Spelman and Bennett Colleges Johnnetta Cole, educational psychologist William Purkey, college freshman advocate Betsy Barefoot, educator Sally Z. Hare, and seven others explore the bases of successful leadership, including its spiritual foundations, its challenges and compromises, and its dependence on personal integrity. These essays describe the lives of leaders from the inside and instruct others in balancing complex professional and personal lives.

to read an excerpt from Wintering into Wisdom: The Dance of a Lifetime: 
The Transaction of Individual and Community and Work

By Sally Z. Hare, Ph. D.
Sally is the author of the children’s/parents/teachers book Lucas and the Terribly-Trying, Trying-Terribly Test
Lucas the ...Test Book
—Sally Z. Hare—
Coastal Carolina University
2002 Teacher's
Scholar Award recipient
JOURNEY—Work of the Sea
includes Sally's
Journey--Work of the Sea book
Sally wrote an essay.
LivingtheQuestions book
•A Formational Approach to Dispositions  (Dr. Sally Z. Hare, still learning, inc.)
•Experiences with Dispositions in Teacher Education
•Alternatively Certified Teachers’ Perceptions of Dispositions
•Assessing Dispositions: Context and Questions
•The Role of Coaching in Working with Dispositions
•Dispositions as a Dialogue in Teacher Preparation

More from Sally—published in a volume in "Advances in Teacher Education"
Dispositions in Teacher Education

Edited by Mary Dietz and James Raths,
Series Editors James Raths,
University of Delaware
and Amy C. McAninch, RockhurstUniversity
The topic of “dispositions” is central to teacher education and to teacher educators. Because of perhaps precipitous action on the part of accrediting agencies in teacher education, teacher educators need to define, teach, and assess dispositions in their programs. This book examines the sources of the concept dispositions, how it evolved in teacher education, what forms it has taken in selected programs, and what challenges remain in this arena for teacher educators.


Plain Talk About Raising Children
From a Concerned Field Worker

by Jim R. Rogers

The essays in this book, compiled over 20 years of working with families, do not tell us how to do parenting; they show us how to be a parent.  As a nationally certified CFLE, a parenting and family life educator, Rogers makes a strong case for parenting education. His work is no-holds-barred information, heart-felt messages about our roles and relationships—a refreshing approach, void of blaming or finger pointing.  This research- based book is packed full of common-sense knowledge that will help us in our most important role, parent.

Jim's book are available online at: Amazon.com / barnesandnoble.com / Booksamillion.com / Goodreads.com

Facilitators Play

Poems by Jim R. Rogers

Closing in on eight decades of life gives one dramatic pause, a time for a deep breath then a long exhale, realizing how little time is left but grabbing a chance to reflect on all that has gone before; a time when one can stop, listen, take a step back and look around. There is much reflection of times past as well as wonder and concern about our futures in these personal poems of living life. Following his first book of free verse poetry on the thematic process of growing old, Starts And Stops Along The Way, Looking Around, is a collection of personal views that lament the injustices, disappointments, the fruitless searches for answers, while seeing hope for some tomorrows, gratitude for much, yet still worrying about the direction of a society in which morals, meaning and purpose seem more difficult to find. These poems are presented as challenges for deeper thinking, for determined efforts to save our planet, to sustain a way of life that has worked well for many, and to improve a way of life for many others placing us all together on a solid road to our future.

Parents Book Cover

Published Works by Jim R. Rogers


A collection of poetry and prose
by Jim R. Rogers

Available in hardcover print and 2-CD Album

Constructivist Teaching Strategies book

Jim contributed a chapter
on Parents as Partners
in education,
a textbook for teachers
in training.
Starts and Stops Book
Starts & Stops CD Album

Starts And Stops Along The Way… A thematic collection of poems and narratives about the trials and tribulations, smiles and giggles, regrets and regards, successes and failures, memories of sad times, and those of joy, of love…all from the road most travel as told by one long on the journey.