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From Sally with Love
From Sally with Love
Since 1994 Sally has been working with the Courage to Teach, based on the philosophy of Parker J. Palmer, with teachers all over the country. Sally is  a senior facilitator of the national Center for Courage and Renewal. A Kellogg National Fellowship from 1990 to 1993, Sally says, “changed my life. My learning plan allowed me to look at the concept of community across cultures. I visited Bali, Greece, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and much of the United States. I met so many important teachers in my life, from Mary Robinson, then president of Ireland, to a healer in Ubud (Bali); from Parker Palmer to Beni, a very wise three-year-old in Benin (Africa).”

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Sally served as Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education at Coastal Carolina University for 12 years, then was named the Singleton Endowed Professor of Teacher Education and created the Center for Education and Community. She retired in December, 2005, as distinguished professor emerita.

She was named Phenomenal Woman of South Carolina in 2003, received the 2002 Woman of Achievement Award from the South Carolina Governor’s Commission on Women, and was honored as Coastal Carolina University’s Outstanding Teacher Scholar Lecturer in 2001. Other honors include the Ambassador Award for Education from the Louis Gregory Baha'i Institute; the Creative Programming Award from the National Continuing Education Association; Distinguished Leadership Award from the National Community Leadership Association; the Martha Kime Piper Outstanding Leadership Award from SC Women in Higher Education Administration; and Outstanding Continuing Educator in South Carolina.
She has received various grants, including two totaling more than $1 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to encourage women and girls in math and science and a grant from the Rainwater Foundation through the Center for Courage & Renewal to work with educational leaders.

Sally lives in Surfside Beach, SC, with her husband Jim and two dogs, Eleanor Roosevelt and TBO. She is the author of a children’s book, Lucas and the Terribly-Trying Trying-Terribly Test and a few poems and a number of other essays and articles, including The Lehrergarten: A Vision for Teacher Education in Living the Questions: Essays Inspired by the Work and Life of Parker J. Palmer (Intrator, Jossey Bass, 2005).The Dance of a Lifetime: The Transaction of Individual and Community and Work in Wintering into Wisdom (Kennesaw University Press, 2007); We Teach Who We Are: The Intersection of Teacher Formation and Educator Dispositions inDispositions in Teacher Education(Information Age Publishing, Volume 7 in Advances in Teacher Education, 2007); The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of it Parts in A Gallery of Portraits in Service-Learning: Action Research in Teacher Education  (National Dropout Prevention Center, 2001); and I’ll Meet You in the Field: The Intersection of Education and Community (Coastal Carolina University, 2001).

Sally is creator and co-editor and one of the writers in a new book, Let the Beauty We Love Be What We Do: Stories of Living Divided No More.  The book offers an extraordinary glimpse inside the human journey to live with integrity, with wholeness, by 21 diverse people who share their stories with stunning honesty and openness.