Parent Care-Jim and Teaching Grou[ the copyrighted parenting and family life management education curriculum developed by Jim in 1996 and continues to be the foundation of his parenting and family life workshops, classes, seminars and private conferences.  It continues to be a work in progress and is being updated as new research and information dictate changes.
It also completed the second year of being the core of the Parenting and Family Life Management Education Facilitator certification course at Horry Georgetown Technical College.  18 students received certification in 2008 followed by another 28 in 2009 and are now applying the ParentsCare strategies in their particular areas which range from child care facilities, to public and private schools, to domestic abuse shelters and faith organizations.  In two counties the department of social services and family courts have designated ParentsCare a recommended class for clients being required to attend parenting classes, and several of the certified facilitators are now conducting those classes.
still learning, inc. and ParentsCare have also developed COEP, Co-Operative Effective Parenting for parents who are parenting apart, co-parenting in divorce or separated situations and who might be referred by family courts or legal advisors.
Workshops, classes and conferences can be arranged by contacting Jim at If you would like to learn about the philosophy of ParentsCare and the areas we cover, please let us know.
Jim recently served as the resident parenting and family life consultant for a Mom-to-Mom blog that was offered by the regional McClatchy newspaper The Sun News.

Parenting Magazine Cover
From 1994 until 2011 Jim wrote a column, "ParentsCare,"  in the specialty newspaper Parent News, with a distribution of over 20,000 in a four county area.  He has discussed countless issues including corporal punishment, high energy children, discipline and punishment, family management skills and accessing community resources among the seemingly countless challenges and rewards that come with raising children in our world today. One of ParentsCare's top certified facilitators, Sue Flak has taken over the column continuing with the ParentsCare title and material and adding enhancement with her years of teaching young children.
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“Who Makes Us Us? We Do.” 
(in vhs or dvd format, 25 mins.) 
Is A Dramatic Guide To
Basic Parenting Skills.
WhoMakesUsUs? Video
certainly had the child outcomes reflect the research. You certainly got parents acknowledging feelings and children truly showing people the impact.”
—Dana McDermott, PhD, Illinois

“Loved your overall and very important message in the DVD and the music. I thought that it would be a great introduction at the beginning of a parenting course and perhaps at a one time workshop to get folks more involved. It was moving to me and I think would be to others as well.”
—Ruth Ettenberg Freeman, LCSW, Conneticut

“I LOVE the philosophy and the key parenting attitudes and skills that are discussed and demonstrated. I believe so strongly in the “IALAC” (I am lovable and capable) theory! The actors are great – both the parents and the teens– and of course the little ones!!! I was concerned at first that the “nurture” message was there but not the “structure” message. But as it went along, both messages were there and well balanced. The bitter teens were amazing! I like that you were totally honest about the negative things parents can say (and do all the time). This would be an excellent video for any parenting class.”
— Joan Comeau, Ph.D., CFLE, Minneapolis
Comments from parent and family life educators across the country
"I really enjoyed the video. I thought the role-playing examples of the two sets of parents was especially effective and is probably the part that stuck with me the most. It was very effective in helping me to be more conscious about how I speak to my daughter (and my husband as well!) and what kind of messages I send when I do talk to them.”
 —Dawn Cassidy, M.Ed., CFLE, Minnesota

“I think it has a lot of good points. I like the color black and white contrast. I like the story of the young man who eventually is in jail and the young girl in the club. I do know that you

 “Who Makes Us Us? We Do.”
Although still learning, inc., offers primarily services, we are pleased to also offer a product—a DVD written, produced and directed by Jim and Sally.

How We Parents, Teachers And Other Caregivers Interact With Our Growing Children Can Have Long-Lasting Effects In A Positive Or Negative Way. Our Tone, Attitude, Mindfulness, Respect, And Yes, Love And Care Are Some Of The Most Critical Human Elements We Must Nurture In The Children And In Ourselves.
We Have Choices As To How We Will Behave; How We Role Model And How We Respond...With Response-Ability, Or With Response-Disability. The Choices We Make Can Help Our Children Have Better Chances To Create And Live Successful Lives In This Complex World.
Who Makes Us Us? Offers Input From Infants, Young Children, Young Adults, Fathers And Mothers In Dramatic Presentation Of Cause And Effect, Of Choices, Of Responses, Of Consequences.
A Pediatrician And A Marriage And Family Counselor Present Their Professional Comments Surrounding The Make Believe Situations That Are Too Often Too Real.

Available on vhs 35.00 and dvd 50.00 includes shipping and handling. 
Complete scripts in English and Spanish plus a leaders guide and a promotional brochure are available upon request.
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 For information and copies contact Jim at
 Or call:  (843) 238-9291

Jim’s “ParentsCare” Column as Published in Parent News magazine


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"Good parents are
not born. They are developed."

"Parents are creating
tomorrow's memories
for their children.
What kind of memories
do you want
them to have?"

"Children Are
as Parents Do."

"...the futures of
children are in the
hands and hearts of
parents and

"Home is Where the
Start Is!"

Shaping Tomorrow Through Parenting Today
Effective Parenting Chart
Jim Rogers’ ABC’s of parenting was published in Tom Carr's
The Blueprint for Parents and in the newsletter of
SECFR, Southeastern Council on Family Relations.
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ParentsCare Programs Conducted
in Many Area Settings
ParentsCare program elements continue to be offered in the area through Program Facilitator Julia Castillo. She is providing Parenting Education Programs for South Carolina Department of Social Services clients, Pre Trial Intervention, South Carolina Mentor program and the 15th Circuit Solicitors Drug Court in Horry and Georgetown County.

ParentsCare is also approved by SCDSS to provide Anger Management and Criminal Domestic Violence Classes, which can range from 20 to 40 hours  of education depending on the level of need and if there are criminal charges.  Clients served are referred by DSS and PTI.

ParentsCare programming is also provided through Ms. Castillo for the Alliance Inn Apartments in Myrtle Beach.

ParentsCare certified facilitator Laurette R. Fogel, MSW, LISW-CP, has begun a new private practice of clinical social work in Pawleys Island.  Through Rincon Counseling Associates, L.L.C. Ms. Fogel is offering her counseling service to adults in areas such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Substance Abuse, Relationship Issues, and Family and Parenting Education, to name some of the issues addressed as well as other Trauma Informed Counseling services for adults who struggle with some aspect of their lives.  Ms. Fogel can be reached at and 843-293-3371 to make an appointment.


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